Planning/GIS Technician (Bonita Springs) 21 July 2020

Waldrop Engineering is seeking a Planning/GIS Technician with a degree in Urban and Regional Planning, Geography, Landscape Architecture, or related field for our Bonita Springs office. As a Planning/GIS Technician, you will be involved in the planning and project management process, including the preparation of land use petitions for private sector clientele, creation of GIS exhibits and related resources, the preparation and processing of a variety of planning studies and regulatory tools for local governments, due diligence analysis, and providing planning support to Waldrop’s Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture Departments.

The selected candidate must demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills, a working knowledge of GIS, and be able to work independently and accurately on a variety of planning projects.

Waldrop Engineering is a full-service consulting firm offering Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Civil Engineering services to a diverse clientele across the state. Our Planning & Landscape Architecture Department engages in master planning and community design; processing and managing entitlement petitions (including but not limited to rezonings, Comprehensive Plan Amendments, and annexations); public outreach and consensus building efforts; and Land Development Code and policy formulation on behalf of local governments and private developers.

Job Description and Functions:

  • Prepare a variety of land use applications in jurisdictions across Southwest Florida, including but not limited to: administrative amendments, rezonings, comprehensive plan amendments, due diligence reports, and presentations to support residential, commercial, mixed-use and institutional development projects.
  • Prepare a variety of GIS-based documents and visual materials;
  • Analyze project data and local Land Development Code regulations to determine project’s compliance and/or identify required deviations and formulate corresponding justifications.
  • Conduct accurate research, and the collection of data from a variety of local, state, and federal sources to support various planning initiatives.
  • Provide support to Landscape Architecture and Civil Engineering Staff relating to the identification of local code requirements, entitlement processes available to achieving project goals, and potential solutions and alternatives, to support land planning and site planning efforts.
  • Assist the Planning Department in public presentations, including public hearings, community outreach,
  • Assist the Planning Department Staff with various administrative tasks in support of planning initiatives, including filing, organizing internal and external meetings and cataloging reports, and/or coordinating with other staff in the completion of these tasks.

The Applicant Must Have the Following Skill Sets:

  • Must be hard working, resourceful, and detail-oriented
  • Must be able to work independently and develop solutions to issues that arise during the planning process
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Proficiency in utilizing GIS to create a variety of planning exhibits and derive project data
  • Proficiency in utilizing available resources to locate project information, including but not limited to: Land Development Codes, Code of Ordinances/Administrative Codes; and Comprehensive Plans; governmental websites and databases; Clerk of Courts websites and search engines; Sunbiz; Geographical Information Systems (GIS); Florida Statutes; and Florida Administrative Code
  • Strong interpersonal skills to develop good working relationships with Waldrop Team, clients, and government staff
  • Capable of managing multiple assignments
  • Strong analytical skills to interpret research data for reports and apply mathematic techniques in practical situations

Minimum Experience and Education:

3-5 years of professional planning experience in a private or public sector planning department. The minimum education requirement is completion of an undergraduate degree program in City, Urban or Regional Planning or similar program, or master’s degree in similar program, including but not limited to Public Administration, Geography, Urban Studies, or Landscape Architecture. Preference will be given to candidates that have obtained or are in the process of obtaining AICP certification.

Interested candidates must include a cover letter, resume, and relevant portfolio/work samples to: [email protected] Candidates will be evaluated based on relative work experiences, work samples, degree work, and performance interview.  Please visit our web site at for more information.

Phone: (239) 405-7777
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